My newest body of work, the series Plant Cellular Patterns, is an extension of my ongoing study of the patterns inherent in natural life forms.  I am diving deep in this work and examining, arranging and recording the spectacular forms that emerge under a microscope.  The optical detail easily meshes into abstract patterns. 

I began this exploration a number of years ago during a biology for gardeners’ course and have continued in my research at Open Bio Labs in Charlottesville, VA. Electron microscope photos provide me with even more nuance.

I work with smooth claybord panels using graphite and acrylic washes.  I am particularly enamored of the square format.  These paintings, all done in 2016, range in size from 24” X 24” to 30” X 30”.

I hope that in some way recording in detail the beauty and diversity of nature will inspire a sense of gratitude and a need for protection in those who view this work.